WSF Members' Meeting

The Waterfront School Foundation held its Annual Members' Meeting on the evening of Thursday, January 25, 2018. A requirement per our by-laws, the meeting allows us to meet our members, share information about our past and future events as well as receive feedback.

WSF Interim President, Ashley Faison, kicked off the meeting by asking our members to introduce themselves. She provided a brief history of our organization and presented our mission statement to the group.

The presentation switched focus to each of the current Board positions. Each Board member discussed their tenure with the Foundation and their current role on the Board. Members were invited to ask any questions or clarification they have and are welcome to reach out to individual Board members for further clarification. With June elections approaching, we hope sharing details about the positions gives our members a clear picture of what they may expect.

Following the description of the roles, we delved into what has been keeping us busy this past year. The Board met a few times over the summer to lay some of the framework for on-going operations and have a skeletal operational manual. We defined our values (ARC - Approachable, Resourceful, Committed), acquired all our social media assets, created writing style guides, and much more. 

We reviewed our past events, most of which were successes and one that was not. We solicited feedback from our members about what events they would like to see more of and what works or doesn't work. It was wonderful to hear positive feedback about the past events such as the Table at the Fall Welcome Breakfast and the Fall Family Fun Day. 

We spent time highlighting a few of our Spring events such as the Lower School Enrichment Event (Ocean conservation enrichment presentation), fundraiser for the scholarship program support (All Day Recess Fitness Event), and our Musical (Aladdin in Dual Language) fundraising efforts. We have a lot going on this Spring and would love to see you all at our events

Please find the meeting presentation attached below and do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Board members for further details or clarification.