What is Waterfront SCHOOL FOUNDATION?

The Waterfront School Foundation is the official parent volunteer organization OR school parent group of Waterfront Montessori

It began in 2012 with a group of Waterfront Montessori parents looking for a means by which to organize and fund activities that would enrich the educational experience of the students at Waterfront Montessori.

What are school parent groups?

More than 83,000 school parent groups support K-8 schools in the United States. Parent groups go by many names—PTO, PTA, HSA or “Waterfront School Foundation”. While groups vary in size and scope, they share the common goal of supporting students through encouraging relationships among families, the community and the school.

What do school parent groups do?

School parent groups such as Waterfront School Foundation support schools in three key ways: by providing volunteers, by funding items not included in school budgets, and by helping build connections between home, school and the community. Thanks to the hard work of parent volunteers, schools have more of what students need to thrive, from running volunteer book fairs to supporting educational experiences. When parents are involved in school, their children have better educational outcomes.

Why does parent involvement matter?

Decades of research have shown that when parents are involved in their children’s education, kids are more likely to:

  • Earn better grades
  • Score higher on tests
  • Pass their classes
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills
  • Show improved behavior
  • Have a more positive attitude toward school
  • Complete assignments
  • Graduate and continue their education

School parent groups play an important role in supporting parent involvement in education by helping parents feel comfortable at school and connecting parents with volunteer opportunities.