Parents' Night Out (PNO) - Member Meet and Greet

We officially kicked off our 2017-2018 PNO series on September 14th with a "Member Meet and Greet" at Porta restaurant.  Started last year, our PNO series is an effort to bring parents together and build community (or our "village", if you will).  We tend to run into other parents during the rush of the morning drop-off, yet don't have the time to fully connect and get to know one another. What better way to achieve that than with pizza and drinks on a Jersey City rooftop during a beautiful late summer evening?!? We had 15 members in attendance - a mix of both Moms and Dads, working and stay-at-home, brand new and veteran WFM families, representing classes ranging from Toddler to Upper Elementary. It was great to see a diverse group! Additionally, WSF was excited to recruit our first teacher/parent member (thank you Ms. Cristina!). 

This was such a great way to socialize and connect with all of the familiar faces we see regularly but chat with infrequently.  Cheers to many more laughs and good times!