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WFM Class Parent

What is a Class Parent?

The primary role of the Class Parent (CP) is to organize families among classrooms, promote social events and gatherings, assist the Waterfront School Foundation in communicating school wide social events and assist teacher’s with class specific tasks.

This year we ask that class parents will work together within levels to organize events such as a Primary Parents Night Out or a Lower Elementary Bowling Night. We also ask Class Parents to promote school wide events such as the Fall Family Fun Day or the annual STEM Fair. Some teachers will also ask for class specific tasks such as organizing parent sign-ups for cultural presentations.

We are grateful for volunteers. We understand that in this day and age parents are hard-workers and extremely busy, so we thank you for your time.

Want to become a Class parent?

For more information please contact the Director of Community Outreach, Cristina Weisman, at