WFM Parent Coffee: Kindergarten STEM Challenge

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Parents were invited to observe an abbreviated Kindergarten STEM Challenge in WFM Parent Coffee on January 9th. Led by Mr. Richie, the STEM Challenge asked Kindergarteners in groups of two to explore whether or not paper was strong enough to handle the weight of books. 

Simulating a classroom observation, the coffee allowed parents a window into how the Kindergarten special sessions operate and the kind of topics they cover. The session kicked off with Mr. Richie inviting the students to provide ideas of what they may have to do with the materials provided. The students saw paper, scissors, tape, and a pile of books. The kids attempted to discover whether paper can carry the weight of the books. 

Parents observed the students discussing possible designs, potential issues, and modifications to their models. The students experienced working in groups and learning to listen to each other's ideas. Teachers provide assistance by asking the right questions and encouraging them to explore. 

Once the various models were created, the students tested by piling on books. Several successful designs emerged! We had a model hold all 20 books. The coffee provided a wonderful glimpse into a Kindergarten class. For more pictures and video, please head over the Flow.