P2 Reserved Table

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P2 Reserved Table


Dinner, Wine & Beer, Dessert, Auction, Wine Pull, DJ Chaos & Dancing. Reserved seat(s) at the Primary 2 Table! Join a table of friends and we can chat about all things P2 (or not, since our kids won't be there, ha)!

Current Table List
1. Ashley Faison (Addy's Mom)
2. Lori Barr (Brooke's Mom)
3. Maya Phatate (Hannah's Mom)
4. Mahima Hada (Irika's Mom)
5. Rahul Maurya (Irika's Dad) 
6. Jennifer D'Agati (Will's Mom)
7. Peter D'Agati (Will's Dad)
8. Nazli Fard (Arman's mom)
9. Amir Bazargan (Arman's Dad)
10. Saurabh Tandon (Ishaan's Dad)
11. Mandavi Tandon (Ishaan's Mom)

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