If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.
— Maya Angelou

Let's Celebrate!

This is the one time of year we gather to collectively celebrate the educational milestones of all of our children, as they make their moves (from Toddler to Primary, Primary to Lower EL, to Upper EL and to Middle School) and we join together to spotlight our 8th graders and the mark they have made on our WFM community.

We look forward to a fun-filled evening of dancing -- with music by WFM's Mr. Richie, a.k.a DJ Chaos-- dinner, auction bidding and the return of the ever-popular photo booth and wine pull!

All proceeds benefit the Waterfront School Foundation's mission to support the educational experience of WFM students, promote parental involvement in the WFM community and foster a relationship between WFM and the wider community. View pictures below from last year, it's a great night and we're looking forward to celebrating again this year!

Why This Night Really Matters...

Each of us has selected Waterfront Montessori as the educational path for our children and we are so happy celebrate another milestone year. The theme of "Making Our Mark" allows each of us to reflect on the passage of time, the events that have brought WFM into our lives, what it means to us and how we, in turn have impacted its community. 

It's simply a wonderful annual event of parents, students, teachers and staff having an amazing time and we're looking forward to celebrating again this year!